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Email Security: Think Before You Click!

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Giants like Microsoft are transcending the graph with 9,410 Unique Phishing URLs in Q2, impersonated at twice the rate of Facebook. It is to be noted that the number is of Microsoft specific unique phishing URLs and not the Phishing emails in Q2 2020 as found by VadeSecure.

Phishing is a form of treachery which has been there for ages. This basically includes deceitful email with malicious attachments or link that contain malware once downloaded or clicked. The email is well-crafted and trusted names are used to transform it into a genuine-looking email.

The cybercriminals have pulled their socks up to make sure phishing emails look unfeigned and thus get hold of the data and sensitive assets. One must never be ignorant about the cybersecurity trends as it has the potential to affect your entire business. The prime and the most apparent way to supervise phishing is to keep the Human Firewall on, all the time!

Below addressed are a few measures that help you stay cautious while scanning your emails.

Measures on an Employee Level to trail the likelihood of a Phishing email:

  • Confirm and then proceed if personal information is demanded, urgent replies expected, or financial gains offered.
  • Verify whether the email is expected at this time/by this person.
  • Cross check the demand by searching and verifying the official website and contact number.
  • Check the above parameters for all your mails before opening/clicking them.

These tips would look straightforward but if followed can save your organization and you from what can be called as a huge nightmare!

On the organisational level, one can take in consideration the following measures:

  • Institute Awareness Training – Having basic cyber-crime knowledge to stay self-protected
  • Evaluate your vulnerabilities – Assess your security gaps before they become some’s opportunity
  • Keeping up with the evolving trends and technologies in the cyber security domain

Although the above measures are impactful, there is always an opportunity for cybercriminals to throw a phishing scam at you. The most precise way to avoid your organization from these scams, is working with professionals in this domain.

RNS Technology Services is all geared up with elite professionals for different verticals of the industry and various cyber security domains including Email Security. Partnering with us guarantees your organization the latest security solutions to safeguard even your basic requirement – Email Security.

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