Application Security Assessment


An application security assessment is a crucial part of every company’s software development life- cycle. Organizations often face the difficulty of finding an experienced team of analysts to conduct a high-quality, intensive and non-automated application security assessment.

As this is our area of expertise, we are perfectly suited to use our extensive knowledge for your next application security assessment. Internally developed applications or commercial applications for sale or in use by your company should be tested regularly for a healthy security development framework.

Cloud Security Assessment

Uninterrupted monitoring of your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments. RNS security experts deliver a thorough security risk assessment of the cloud hosting infrastructure, a prioritized list of security and compliance gaps, and a review and assessment of the cloud service provider’s contract/agreement pertaining to regulatory compliance, security, and privacy.

A gap remediation plan is made based on the level of effort, cost magnitude estimates for remediation, timeline, and resource allocation based on the organization’s risk appetite.

Source Code Audit

RNS source code audit is the comprehensive analysis of source code in a programming project with the intent of discovering bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions. Our Source Code Audit Tools, are designed to analyze source code and/or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws.

Mobile Application Security

We secure your mobile applications by finding and fixing the software vulnerabilities. RNS’s mobile app security is the enforcement of access and data protection measures for individual apps, and app security policies including but not limited to mobile app VPN, data encryption, corporate authentication, and data wipe. Later applied during app development, with software development kits (SDKs), or after the app is compiled with app wrapping. RNS can do assessments for both IOS & Android platforms.

Web Application Penetration Testing

In the process of investigating the vulnerabilities in websites and web apps, manual web application penetration testing is essential. Automated penetration testing tools cannot identify the granular flaws and it is adventitious when the skills and insights of the manual testers are used to identify complex authorization issues or business logic flaws.

The web application tests are conducted to identify any vulnerability, security flaws or threats in web applications. The tests involve the implementation of any of the known malicious penetration attacks on the application’s environment from an attacker’s perspective, such as using SQL injection tests. RNS provides application security assessment solutions that let organizations secure the web and mobile applications, build, buy and assemble, as well as integrate the third-party components into their environment.