Success Stories

Success does not come to the fragile. It comes to those who learn to look beyond failures, mistakes and setbacks.  Success is the ultimate reward for hard work, determination and passion. RNS’s growth in the past years has been meteoric. The company understands that success is a journey and not a destination; hence we channel our energy and focus on leveraging our resources and expertise in achieving new heights. We attribute our success to our customers who are an inseparable part of this journey.

Leading FMCG Company

UAE-based FMCG Organization Improves Mitigation of Threats & Risks with VAPT.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) describes a broad range of security testing services designed to identify and help address cyber security exposures. The evolving tools, tactics and procedures used by cybercriminals to breach networks mean that it is important to regularly test your organization’s cyber security.

The customer had an ongoing risk management program with the security team focused on identifying the existing risk level in their environment so that an appropriate set of responses can be implemented. The challenge was to conduct a full-scope VAPT exercise while maintaining the uptime of all critical services and patching the vulnerabilities before they are leveraged by an external threat actor. Along with testing their network controls, they wanted to identify missing technologies that would bolster their environment. In addition to their network and infrastructure controls, they wanted to test their employees’ awareness of phishing emails and cover the human attack surface.

Leading Insurance Company

UAE-based Insurance company Improves Identity Governance with RNS & SailPoint.

RNS identified areas for improvement in managing access privileges. The customer elected to begin with a project to implement with the focus on employee lifecycle, access management and recertification process. Working with RNS, the customer chose SailPoint for the project. Their decision was based largely on SailPoint IdentityIQ’s capability of supporting agile implementation methods in several areas.

With the improvements to its Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), our customers will be able to reduce the current excessive access with the access review process. Also, with the new self-service portal access, the user experience for request management would be enhanced. The ultimate goal is to move towards an RBAC model for their identity governance endeavours.

Al Shirawi Enterprises

Contributing to the best business initiatives for the overall well-being of different communities.

The ambitious vision of Al Shirawi is to make the world a better place by facilitating high-quality solutions to different communities. The flagship of Al Shirawi Groups’ sustainability efforts is evident in all their achievements. An aggressive business passion is an underlying stone behind the establishment of the group.

The remarkable journey of Al Shirawi Enterprise started from a trading unit to the largest industrial complex and then to a dominant conglomerate comprising leading businesses which are recognized globally

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