SAP & IoT Security Assessment


SAP Security Assessment

Many organizations have streamlined and automated missions; critical business functions which include departments of Accounting, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Inventory, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Project Management, CRM, and eCommerce within their SAP and other ERP systems. Testing of SAP systems requires specialized knowledge and experience. Many traditional network security testing tools and techniques provide little or no coverage for SAP systems and the common weaknesses which allow nefarious individuals to access or modify your business-critical data.

RNS has experience with SAP Security Assessment for various levels within SAP Architecture.

IoT Security Assessment

Network-connected Internet of Things (IoT) are growing in popularity in homes and businesses, from smart cities and buildings to cars and medical devices. Without security, the Internet of Things will cease to exist.

Our IoT security assessment provides a flexible framework that addresses the diversity of the IoT market, enabling companies to identify and mitigate any potential security gaps in their services and build secure IoT devices and solutions.

SAP Vulnerability Assessment

SAP Vulnerability Assessment services allow you to identify existing security vulnerabilities formerly placing your organization’s SAP systems at risk of being externally accessed. With, solutions and expertise developed from thousands of SAP security engagements, consultants perform a remote assessment of the target platforms without requiring initial user access credentials to the systems.


  1. Quick identification of critical vulnerabilities at the application layer
  2. Deep dive analysis of vulnerabilities on network operating system and database layers.
  3. Complete analysis of SAP security posture and possible exposure of vital systems and information to external or internal attacks.
  4. Identifying every SAP system within the network, enumerating installed services and checking for vulnerabilities in the system.

SAP Penetration Testing

SAP Pen Testing is an excellent way to simulate actions attackers will easily perform to gain access to critical SAP data or check the reliability of implemented security measures. Pen-tests are made to reveal system breaches that most attackers rely on to get access to business-critical data or even use it for fraud or sabotage purposes.  


  1. Delivering analysis on the real business impact of an information security breach in the core SAP implementations.
  2. Identifying existing vulnerabilities affecting SAP systems including network, operating system and database layers.
  3. Reporting potential business impact and scenarios to help raise awareness with key business stakeholders.

SAP Source Code Review

RNS SAP source code review is the comprehensive assessment of source code aiming in identifying the vulnerabilities that are left open in the development project of the SAP applications.

SAP Server Assessment

RNS experts execute SAP server assessments to investigate whether critical databases are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

It also clarifies whether industry best practices are met and updated for SAP servers by ensuring the production and test servers have tightened security, both on the Operating & Application Level

SAP Network Security Assessment

RNS engineers perform the security assessment on the SAP network to analyse and determine how well the organization’s current SAP security procedures are developed to match the industry’s best practices. Key components of a business-critical network are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities. RNS SAP database security assessment is designed to measure whether the application database policies are up to the mark and updated as per the industry’s best practices. Key components of your business-critical databases are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

SAP Database Security Assessment

SAP database security assessment is designed to measure whether industry best practices are up to mark and updated on the Databases. Key components of your business-critical databases are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

IoT Security Assessment

IoT security is the technology area concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of Things (IoT). Allowing devices to connect to the internet opens them up to a number of serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected.

RNS’s IoT security assessments give a clear picture of the IoT devices, including the Analyse of high-risk IoT devices, and finding if they are configured as per the IoT Security Compliance Framework and are hardened as per recommendations