The digital age ahead of us brings new and unheard vulnerabilities and complex security challenges for businesses globally. Proactive and round-the-clock monitoring of IT environments is the need of the hour to identify and remediate cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

RNS Security Operations Center (SOC) is a service based on advanced technology innovations and a highly skilled team that operates 24*7*365. We work cohesively to monitor, prevent, identify, analyse, and respond to cyber security events. The service is surfaced on the combination of three fundamental pillars -people, process, and technology, helping organizations improve their security posture and increase their cyber resilience.

Our team consists of security analysts, engineers, threat researchers and incident responders who work round the clock in managing and monitoring the latest detection technologies to hunt for and eradicate cyber threats in their infancy. Furthermore, our service ensures that all your government compliances, national as well as international are constantly in check.

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Challenges of Operating an In-House SOC:

The capital required to outsource your Managed SOC is significantly less than the costs of setting up, recruiting, and managing an internal SOC team. MSSPs take on the responsibility to absorb the unique network topology of their customers so they can search for threats that are most likely to get away through the traditional security methods and they utilize relevant, threat-intelligence sources, applying technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data and User behaviour analytics, leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for authentic security threats. When SOC is solely managed in-house, there is less flexibility to respond to changes, but outsourcing SOC provides the flexibility and scalability required to adapt quickly to changes.

Key Features Of RNS Managed SOC:

round the clock service

Round The Clock Service

24/7/365 log collection, active monitoring, and incident response.


Real-Time Service

Real-time threat intelligence and correlation aligned to current enterprise risks.


State-Of-The-Art Proficiency

Security orchestration and response along with consultative reports & collaboration.

professional expertise

Professional Expertise

Event-based threat hunting, threat intelligence and certified subject matter experts.

top notch

Top-Notch Technology Platform

Wide range of security integration possible with sophisticated threat detection platforms.

rapid service

Rapid Response

Respond to breaches promptly and minimise the disruption caused by attacks.


A leading EMEA-based cyber security organization.

Substantial Global Delivery Center

Up to 200% RoI within 3-5 years.

Exceptional intelligence and actionable results.

Avg. 9/10 customer satisfaction, 95% retention rate

Our vision is to secure organizations and protect them from criminal minds. Contact us now!