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NDR: The latest support of Cyber Security

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is an expanding field of cybersecurity that enables organizations to monitor network traffic for malicious actors, suspicious behaviour, react and respond to the detection of cyber threats to the network. The rise of NDR systems reflects the growing number of systemwide attacks by criminal actors ranging from hackers to nation-states.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions focus on finding security threats on a system and alerting the IT team. It’s then up to the team to diagnose and remove the problem. However, that approach to network security only works for active threats that are trying to access a network. Legacy tools like firewalls and endpoint security stop harmful data from entering a network but can’t do anything against harmful data that’s already invaded your system. Your system also needs to scan for malware and harmful actors that are currently in your network.

The number of incidents in Q1 2021 increased by 17% compared to the same period in 2020, and compared to the Q4 2020, the increase was 1.2%, with 88% of the attacks targeting organizations. Cybercriminals typically attacked government institutions, industrial companies, science, and education institutions. The main motive for attacks on both organizations and individuals remains acquisition of data. Attackers’ main targets are personal data and credentials, and attacks on organizations are also aimed at stealing intellectual property.

An NDR solution combines threat scanning capabilities with automated threat response and mitigation tasks. NDR tools constantly scans a network for suspicious and/or harmful data. If it detects something wrong, it diagnoses the problem to determine what exactly the security threat is. Based on this diagnosis, it deploys automated tasks to help mitigate the problem while simultaneously alerting your IT team about the issue.


The purpose of these automated tasks is to attempt and stop the issue without needing an IT team member to address it. This reduces the time between finding and solving a security problem and allows your team to deal with other important matters.

RNS is presenting an IronNet NDR solution which includes the capabilities to detect and prioritize anomalous activity inside individual enterprise network environments. This platform analyses threat detections across the community to identify broad attack patterns and provides anonymized intelligence back to all community members in real-time, giving all members early insight into potential incoming attacks.

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Penned by:
Samir Chopra
Founder & CEO