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How to Maximize API Security Through Simplicity

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the key part of digital transformation strategies, and securing those APIs is a top challenge. APIs are a rapidly growing attack surface that isn’t widely understood and can be overlooked by developers and application security experts.

API Security focuses on strategies to mitigate the unique security risks of APIs. Traditional these vulnerabilities are less common in API-Based apps:

  • SQLi – Increasing use of ORMs
  • CSRF – Authorization headers instead of cookies
  • Path Manipulations – Cloud-Based storage
  • Classic IT Security Issues – SaaS

API security is important because businesses use APIs to connect services and to transfer data, hacked API may lead to a data breach. API abuse issues have roughly doubled over the past 4 years.

In the past 12 months, 55% of companies said they found vulnerabilities in their APIs, 19% had sensitive data exposed, 39% found authentication problems, 23% suffered denial-of-service attacks, 16% saw brute-force attacks or credential stuffing, and 12% saw scraping. Only 6% of companies had no API-related problems.

RNS is presenting Akamai Application and API security solution that provides detailed attack telemetry and analysis of security events with our web security analytics dashboard and reporting to monitor and evaluate security events at the API level.

This solution integrates with both on-premises and cloud-based security information and event management solutions with full data logs to help correlate Akamai-detected events with other security solutions.

We aim to protect organizations crucial data, along with delivering great offers on the solutions.

RNS Technology Services, a leading multinational cyber security value-added reseller and system integrator, brings to our readers a special and limited period offer on Akamai’s App & API protector.

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