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Do you have secrets in your Mobile? Is anyone else watching them apart from you????

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For today’s new generation mobile phone is one device which serves the purpose of all.
An android or an IOS smartphone is your sustenance—it’s your calendar, reminder,
address book, photo album, and your digital wallet. What could happen if it gets into the
wrong hands or what can be the result if someone is accessing your personal
information from your mobile? What is mobile malware? Can it attack your mobile
phones? Many questions arise in the mind while using the smartphone about its
security. Individuals and enterprises must consider mobile security as the most
important part in upcoming 2019. Many employees now routinely access corporate data
from smartphones, and that means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong hands is an
increasingly intricate problem.
How many of us are aware of the different mobile threats in today’s digital era?
How can these mobile menaces hurt your phones with their malicious activities?
What are the security measures that can help you stop these hazards?
All the answers to these questions lies in Zimperium. The most wanted list of mobile
hazards by today includes Phishing, Mobile OS exploitations, Fake or Rogue personal
profiles, Corrupted Wireless network connections, malicious applications, Fake
applications portraying as real and applications vulnerable to expose personal
information unknowingly.
Zips Mobile threat defence is the world’s foremost mobile intrusion prevention system
app that delivers comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile
network, device and application cyber-attack.
It can detect both known and unknown threats by analysing the initial behaviour of the
mobile device. Any deviations in the internal machine can be recognized by the zips
expert and the malicious activity is recorded through forensics giving the complete
information on who what when where and how the problem has occurred. Isn’t it so
Analysing the genuinity of different applications on an everyday basis is a tough job. A
safe software analysis is easy with Zimperium Z3A. It constantly assesses mobile app
risks across the organizational employees and their devices. It delivers intelligent
insight into your employee’s apps. One can monitor which apps in use are safe or risky,
and set security policies in advance to reduce that risk.
Mobile In-app protection like never before
As per the Mobile threat survey 2018 the menaces on mobile apps are growing both in
popularity and complexity. These are globally challenging the smart phone users, who
are dependent on different applications for their work life balance. These apps can be

critically vulnerable. ZIAP in app protection ensures that mobile apps are safe from
increasing threats.
Mobile applications are created to deliver good frequency of work, delight customers
with utmost satisfaction and grow revenue. Security of the device is not much focussed
on. Even though these apps can have access to confidential data, they are also delivered
to the unmanaged devices of customers. As such, they are gradually used as a vector for
attacking enterprise infrastructure.
With ZIAP organizations can reduce the exposure of sensitive information and be safe
from cyber-attacks.
Taking an extra step to secure your mobile phones from unwanted threats is really
important. Deciding on policies to be sure of your future safety comes with Zimperium.
Try Zimperium security today for a better tomorrow.