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The Power of Identity and Access Management

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The year 2020 has witnessed a plethora of “new normal”. Not only masks and social distancing, “Work from Anywhere” is the new normal. Until now, Work from Home and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was familiar but today along with these two anyone can work from any location on Earth with a laptop/mobile and Internet connectivity.

With the dynamic technological advancements, security has become a major concern. Traditionally, the employees were in a comparatively sheltered environment in the physical offices, but today we work in remote environments just like the hackers do. Basically, we are in more vicious circumstances than ever!

In these uncertain times, unprotected data or data not stored on a private server can be compromised and may result into exhaustive breaches causing financial loss, reputation damage and exposure of sensitive information. An alphanumeric password can also be easily hacked by the bad guys within seconds.

Thus, Identity & Access Management has become a priority and a necessity to add a secondary layer of security to the network.

According to Identity and Access Management Report 2020 by Cybersecurity Insiders, almost half the organizations reports access privileges to employees that is more than essential for their job position.

The major components of IAM according to SailPoint, include:

  • Access Management: A user authentication service, to verify users’ identities before they can access the network and applications.
  • Privileged Access Management: Controls and monitors access to highly privileged accounts, applications, and system assets.
  • Identity Governance: Ensures that user access is being permitted according to appropriate access policies for onboarding and responsibility changes.

IAM enables organizations the confidence to answer these three critical questions in terms of Identity Management:

  • Who has access to what?

  • Who should have access?

  • What are your users doing with their access?

When an organization has appropriate answers for these questions, then that organization is better protected against threats and vulnerabilities.

RNS is partnered with SailPoint for identity governance service. SailPoint is an identity governance pioneer and a market leader, recognized by all leading analyst, like Gartner, KuppingerCole, Forrester and Solution Review.  Along with this, SailPoint is the only vendor to receive the ‘Customers Choice’ recognition, evaluated and rated by actual customers.

SailPoint’s flagship identity governance solution delivers integrated identity governance capabilities, including compliance controls, access request, automation of user lifecycle, provisioning, certification, RBAC, SoD policy, visibility of unstructured data and self-service password management. 

Keeping check on the access and granting permission to access networks might seem a naïve solution to deal with threats!

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