Success Stories

Success does not come to the fragile. It comes to those who learn to look beyond failures, mistakes and setbacks.  Success is the ultimate reward for hard work, determination and passion. RNS’s growth in the past years has been meteoric. The company understands that success is a journey and not a destination; hence we channelize our energy and focus on leveraging our resources and expertise in achieving new heights. We attribute our success to our customers who are an inseparable part of this journey.

Al Shirawi Enterprises

Oasis Investment Group: Contributing
the best business initiatives for the overall well being of different

The ambitious vision of the Al Shirawi is to make the world a better place by
facilitating high quality solutions to different communities. The flagship of Al Shirawi
Groups sustainability efforts is evident in all their achievements. An aggressive
business passion is the underlying stone behind the establishment of the group.
The remarkable journey of Al Shirawi Enterprise started from a trading unit to a
largest industrial complex and then to a dominant conglomerate comprising of
leading businesses which are recognized globally

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RNS TrendMicro Endpoint Suite Implementation

Endeavouring to be one of the most competitive business houses with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers and thrust on development. The Group is one of the largest Retail organizations creating an exceptional value with its operations across the world. The Group operations have a range of diverse product and business interests that predominantly include retail, building and construction, industrial and joint ventures.
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RNS Sentinel One Endpoint Security Implementation

RNS supports UAE’S Leading Steel Manufacturer to proactively migrate their infrastructure to one the best platforms for End Point Security – Sentinel one The government of UAE owned Enterprise in the manufacturing business is a prevalent industrial conglomerate and a driving force for executing the Abu Dhabi Governments industrial diversification policy. “The Enterprise is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing the latest rolling mill technology to produce rebar, wire rod and heavy sections”
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